99p Delivery On All Orders @ The Works

99p Delivery On All Orders @ The Works

I find that The Works has the oddest deals. In their email to me they have promised me that all orders will only cost 99p to deliver. However, the small print still says £2.99 on all orders under £30. Never fear, though, as I’ve done a test run and the price is an honest 99p on all deliveries.

The Works has a very tasty Clearance Sale on at the moment which you can totally take advantage of with this new 99p delivery charge. There is little point in spending £1 on an activity pack, for example, if your delivery charges were three times that. Now they won’t be and you’ll still nab a bargain.

I have found quite a few Christmas gift deals and discounts in there today, including the very helpful computer desk that has been reduced by 50% to £29.99 and is to be delivered for, you guessed it, 99p! How nice. Go on and have some fun browsing and getting your Christmas sorted out thanks to The Works.


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