6 Luxury Crackers Made With Crystals From Swarovski £29.99 Delivered @ Go Groopie

6 Luxury Crackers Made With Crystals From Swarovski £29.99 Delivered @ Go Groopie

If you are after something special for the Christmas Table then look no further. How posh will you look with Luxury Crackers containing Swarovski goodies? VERY! These apparently sell for £249, which is a bit rich for most of us, but are now a very reasonable £29.99.

What do you get in the 6 Luxury Crackers? Drop Earrings, Heart Shaped Pendant, Reindeer Brooch, Tie Clip, Money Clip and Cufflinks, as well as Party Hats and Jokes.

The jewellery included is either silver or white gold plated.

How do you get them at this great price? Buy the deal using the link above, you'll then be emailed with a unique code and a link to redeem it. You'll then be sent it to your door. Delivery is free.


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  • Laura S.

    I expect to see these on the table :joy::kissing_heart:

    • Lesley E.

      I'm hoping for these too or x

      • Evelyn M.

        Trust you to spoil the surprise :joy::joy:xx

      • Elizabeth F.

        how about these crackers for christmas day !!!

      • Rachael P.

        I'm going to persuade mum to get these this year :joy:

        • Nick P.

          Good shout, I really like the look of that necklace...

        • Ashley H.

          At that price that would be a cracker as a present each lol

          • Annmarienicole M.

            Omg now thats my type if cracker hahha

            • Annette M.

              Beautiful- l will order a couple of boxes!

              • Cat C.

                Haha could I open them all myself? :clap_tone1: xx

                • Barbara E.

                  Don't like those hook type of earrings

                  • Catherine K.

                    Ok I'm going to need these

                    • Marie H.

                      what about these for xmas day xxxx

                      • Rona G.

                        Lovely just what we need but won't be sharing them lol :grin: xx

                      • Anne-Marie C.

                        these will do for Xmas day please xx

                        • Ruth J.

                          LOLZZZZ YOU'RE HILARE!!!

                        • Chantelle P.

                          Omg I need these in my life

                          • Roisin S.

                            Why they are fab and reasonable

                            • Karen R.

                              Dispatched in 2 - 3 weeks :rage:

                              • Rae C.

                                It's still cracks thata the mainthing what's Xmas without a hat and a plastic moustache :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

                                • Jem P.

                                  Just ordered. Due 13th Jan... great price so will keep them for next year :slight_smile:

                                  • Vicci A.

                                    Hope delivery is wrong i just ordered and it said garenteed for Christmas

                                    • Jem P.

                                      Fingers crossed :thumbsup_tone2:

                                    • Cat C.

                                      Ha. I'd want them all to myself though xx

                                      • Carole P.

                                        I need these...shall I send for them? Xx

                                        • Lisa S.

                                          They look nice although someone said they had ordered and it was delivery for January so maybe order them and if it is a January delivery save them for next year xx

                                          • Rose C.

                                            Just bought crackers the other day , just as well for if I bought these I wouldn't put them out . I would save them for myself ha ha ha xxx