6 'Crystals From Swarovski' Luxury Crackers £19.99 (Was £149) @ Go Groopie

9 December 2017
6 'Crystals From Swarovski' Luxury Crackers

Crackers can be so expensive. Even the ones containing the plastic toy, joke and paper hats. If you're after something much fancier, then pay a little bit extra and snap up this 6 pack of 'Crystals From Swarovski' Luxury Crackers. They are normally £149, but are now only for £19.99 at Go Groopie!

The 'Crystals From Swarovski' Luxury Crackers have Drop Earrings, Heart Shaped Pendant, Reindeer Brooch, Tie Clip, Money Clip and Cufflinks in.

You also get the classic Paper Hat and the terrible joke too.

As these are uber fancy, you may wish to split them as gifts for Teachers or Stocking Fillers.

Delivery is £4.99.

How to claim the deal:

Simply use link above to purchase the deal. You'll then be emailed a unique voucher and a redemption link. Follow the details on there to order your Crackers and in 5-7 days they'll arrive.

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  • Chloe A.

    You like Christmas crackers I like Swarovski:heart_eyes_cat:

  • Nikola H.

    I was just reading this and thinking the same!!

  • Charla W.

    Already got crackers but u can buy theses ones for me lol xx

  • Rachel D.

    Let’s go halves if you do Hun xxx

  • Rachel D.

    Yeah the boys can have normal crackers :joy:

  • Sharon D.

    Oh my golly :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Tina R.

    I've already got them, got them in sale last year :joy::joy:x

  • Jade E.

    :joy::joy: cheap n cheerful I want not give me heart failure price xx

  • Sheryl C.

    Oh my there fancy crackers lol xx

  • Kellyann R.

    Anno and look good ones aswell xx

  • Debbie K.

    Do you actually think that will be what's in it though xxx

  • Maria W.

    Has anyone ordered from here before are they reliable ?

  • Rhian W.

    I need a little screwdriver tho... been waiting months to put new battery in one of sebs toys! X

  • Kelly C.

    I saw this but I still waiting for that company to do anything about the tablet that never arrived 3 years ago lol xx

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