3ft Christmas Tree £3.99 (was £7.99) @ Argos

3ft Christmas Tree £3.99 (was £7.99) @ Argos

This is an absoloute bargain from Argos, as you can pick up a 3ft Christmas Tree for just £3.99! That's half the original price and the lowest price around by far. These small trees are ideal for the kids rooms, or for putting in a window display or if you're short on space but are still wanting to get a little tree up.

They're basic, but for the kids to pop in their bedroom and decorate themselves they are fab value for money and at less than £4 you can't really go wrong.

If you would rather have one with lights to save having to buy a set you can also get pre-lit ones for £5 here. They are great for children as the lights are LED so they don't get hot and there's no issue of trailing wires or finding a spare plug socket.

We have one big tree in the living room that we all decorate together, but the children each have one of these mini 3ft trees in their rooms as well, so that they can pop whatever they want on them and get their rooms looking festive as well.

Reserve and collect is free of charge, or home delivery costs £3.95, and there seems to be lots in stock right now.


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  • Emily B.

    My son has his own tree. He's 8 this year so I might let him touch the big one, for a ten-zillionth of a second.

    • Elizabeth A.

      The kids do ours every year I love it I like it to be crazy and random it's what Christmas is about we all put it together I do the lights then they throw all tge stuff they want on while my husband trims the window with lights then he lifts one to put the star on top

      • Sara S.

        Currently having a panic attack at the kids doing ours. Looking at all the stuff I'm having to take off and re do when they are in bed tonight

        • Tara G.

          I've done this but they still go wild on living room one Pmsl. My now 4 year old did his last Xmas and you couldn't see the tree there was that much tinsil on it it kept falling over

          • Sheena V.

            I just bought my 2 youngest 3ft white battery operated trees for their rooms as they asked if we could have a white tree this year! White is not my colour for a tree so they're delighted! :joy:

            • Princess J.

              Lol I bought them their own for their rooms :joy:

              • Stacey H.

                I've reserved 2! Might put them outside the front door tho if I can weigh them down! Lol x

                • Michelle L.

                  I love going to people's houses and seeing the look on their face when my kids touch their tree! It's hilarious as we don't care about how ours looks and only have a pop up tree :wink:

                  • Alison P.

                    I bought my daughter a small one to decorate her self so I could do the main one :see_no_evil::joy:

                    • Michele P.

                      My son has helped decorate the main tree since he was 2, this year he's 6 and apart from me doing the lights and moving the tree into position once it was finished, he done everything himself and I wouldn't dream of rearranging it. Christmas is about the children not whether the tree is evenly decorated. It's not like they can get up on ladders and do ceiling decorations or anything like that, so let them do the tree if they want to.

                      • Tessa F.

                        My boy helped me do our tree, but he got bored quite quickly and just left me to it. I even did the one in his room by myself...