2m Starry Night Pole Tree £69.99 @ Aldi

Decorate your garden for Christmas!
2m Starry Night Pole Tree £69.99 @ Aldi

It's that time already... the first Christmas decorations have appeared online at Aldi! Our favourites are these amazing 2m Starry Night Pole Trees at £69.99 each, and it's not hard to see why they're selling so fast! There's a 'warm white' and an 'ice white' version, and both are the same price.

These trees include twinkling LED lights in a tree shape surrounding a sturdy pole, so they'll light up your garden beautifully for the festive season.

They're easy to assemble, come with ground pegs to secure them into your lawn, and have a timer included so that they're on for 8 hours and then off for 16 hours.

Due to their size they have a large item delivery charge to add, but as this is Aldi it only costs from £3.95.

There's more Christmas lights*on sale at Aldi today, with lots more on the way soon.


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