50% Off Advent Calendars @ Asda George

50% Off Advent Calendars @ Asda George

If you haven't got the kids their advent calendars yet you're in luck! Head over to Asda George online quick and you can get 50% off Advent Calendars! You'll have to hurry as some are already selling out!

There's no code needed, the price drops when you add them to your basket.

Grab these quick!:

Click and collect is free, or home delivery costs £2.95 per order.

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  • Joanne M.

    Glad I got mine before this post was added...lol!! xx

  • Jazmine H.

    Jake wants a Lego one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Karon N.

    do it quick. Works out at £17

  • Marina L.

    Ahh just bought wee ones in last 10 mins! mmmm tempted to get and put away for next year!

  • Debbie L.

    Playmobil one sold out! :disappointed:

  • Charlie B.

    I’ve just ordered him the top left xxxx

  • Sarah R.

    Thank you, I've got mine typical though! X

  • Natalie H.

    I was gonna get the play Mobil to but it’s out of stock on there x

  • Yvonne W.

    Yip it’s a very good price. Xxxxx

  • Tracy M.

    Just ordered Lego City one only £14 thank you x

  • Claire W.

    :rage: paid full price in toys r us the other day xx

  • Shells S.

    Gutted out stock of the cheaper ones :sob:

  • Elaine S.

    Brilliant he'll love that xx

  • Zoe B.

    Livie would love the Playmobil one! :santa::santa:

  • Rebecca J.

    Just ordered Thomas and Friends! Thank-you :grinning:

  • Noelle H.

    No way i bought them already!! X

  • Aimee S.

    I got the girls xmas advent calenders already thank u xx

  • Rhian N.

    Been waiting for this....Thank you!

  • Melanie H.

    Ah thanks Hun my girls have three advent calendars now - make up, doh Vinci and chocs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Jesskimo H.

    Aww Alfie needs This!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Mairi M.

    Can’t wait for the 1st x

  • Cara L.

    I know he already has 3 advent calendars but he'd LOVE this :see_no_evil:

  • Naomi B.

    Anyone know if trains are the same as last years x

  • Stephanie S.

    - got cian lego & isla frozen xx

  • Pip R.

    Ooh I had thought about it but thought it would be too expensive

  • Sarah W.

    May have treated the little man...elf is brining it on the 1st x

  • Dean C.

    We should get him 1..but he will want to open them all at once :kissing_heart:

  • Miranda J.

    This has to be the cheapest this is gonna go xx

  • Levana H.

    Yeh I want to get him something like this

  • Levana H.

    Yeh I'll have to get it Friday when I get paid

  • Natalie C.

    Aww fab!!! He will love this x x

  • Charlotte M.

    :frowning: I was thinking about getting this when it was full price, I’m going to have to now! Xx

  • Corrina G.

    Ooh, thanks I will have a closer look x

  • Jennifer M.

    Was looking at these before but they where £35 at time so that's a better looking price lol. Thanks doll xx

  • JamieandKim B.

    Wish I could justify that on an advent calendar xx

  • Vicky A.

    Arrghhh!!! I got it months ago as i was scared it would sell out. It looks really good though xx

  • Michaela C.

    I found the trains in £1 land! But this is a great buy xx

  • Maria R.

    they have a toot toot one!

  • Debbie E.

    It’s going to half price tomorrow tho. I’ve just picked mine up today :tired_face:

  • Lynsey A.

    Half price tomorrow apparently but not sure if lego will be back in stock

  • Susie L.

    Oh I no! Could of saved more! Never mind x

  • Frances H.

    Will need to buy it tomorrow then!! Thanks xx

  • Gemma L.

    Will have a look thanks x

  • Ruth M.

    Stop tempting me with lego! You know I find it impossible to resist....:joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Brian F.

    Yes. Thomas for B and playmobil for H

  • Lynsey W.

    A girl can never have too many advent calendars to open :wink::heart_eyes:xxxx

  • Helen B.

    Thank you, not looking already got :joy:

  • Steve B.

    I saw earlier - how annoying!! :triumph:

  • Lisa S.

    apparently sold out anyway :smirk:

  • Claire T.

    Star Wars sold out already tho. It was down to £17.25 at ASDA, I paid £30 :sob:

  • Rachel B.

    Alice has it, bought it ages ago when it was 30 quid :joy: kicking mesen niw xxx

  • Amy D.

    I found one but it was £17 in argos ill have a look on this site

  • Elaine M.

    It's crazy, like a toy for every day. Then Christmas Day. But people do buy them.

  • Sati S.

    Omg I saw this earlier..I'm tempted to buy them lol

  • Sati S.

    Lol they will go out of date by next year haha...new stuff will be out :grimacing:

  • Louise K.

    Thanks babe! Annoying its at 11 im working! I will try sneak out :blush: x

  • Chloe S.

    Lego City already sold out online but might be worth checking back tomorrow at 11 for the Star Wars ones if they go half price

  • Hannah M.

    the Lego City ones seem to be sold out I will have to look elsewhere.

  • Karen C.

    Is this online only or likely to be in store as well?

  • Debbie E.

    I just picked mine up today :tired_face: I did get 25% off but should have waited lol x

  • Charlene B.

    Ordered the Thomas one and the tsum tsum one xx

  • Anna G.

    cool, thought it had gone down again :joy: I swear I'm Black Friday bargain obsessed :joy::joy: x

  • Louise A.

    Ordered them the Star Wars 1s xx

  • Katie W.

    Following. Cos at the moment I'm refreshing :joy:

  • Amy P.

    I keep refreshing too... could be a long wait :eyes:

  • Charlotte M.

    Remember, not every child eats chocolate or sweets. Mine doesn't, so these are perfect

  • Claire F.

    they are half price now ordered thanks for tip

  • Roger S.

    managed to get 2 and both half price! #happydays

  • Amy B.

    k £15 for thomas minis calander

    • Emmä P.

      Thanks loads mate got him one :thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1:

    • Emmä P.

      Got kins the toot toot one aswel :grin:

  • Vicky B.

    got my tsum tsum marvel for 14 quid!!

    • Amy M.

      Hopefully Lego Star Wars will still be on offer tomoz for monster xx

  • Angela W.

    Thanks so much for sharing. First time I've managed to grab a good bargain before it has sold out.

  • Rachael G.

    Anybody know if this is in store also?

  • Sharon B.

    Just ordered the Star Wars bargain 11.50

  • Denise S.

    Thanks :grinning: shes already got 2 tho, not getting another lol

  • Sharma G.

    ordered Tsum Tsum and Frozen for my girls thanks for sharing <3

  • Tammy R.

    Aww we have already got them ones like these :thumbsup:

  • Tammy R.

    Gutted cos I didn't think there was a cars one :joy:

  • Sally C.

    Double doh!!!! Ours just came this morning... £50 on advent calendars!!

  • Nicola B.

    Laila Would probably love the toot toot one - £9!!

  • Lena M.

    Ohh will have 2 have a we look and c

  • Lyndsay W.

    They r in stock cos I've just looked and it b delivered before next Fri

  • Suzanne B.

    He’s got a chocolate one too :grinning::grinning:

  • Yasmin P.

    I’ll have a look at it xx

  • Samantha L.

    Ohhh what 1 to pick :joy: xx

  • Tracie R.

    The Lego one is out of stock :weary::weary:

  • Catherine A.

    Nooooo...... I just got Freya the Lego one :cry:

  • Christine C.

    Aw cute! Jake has got his first advent calendar ever this year. I'm re-using one that my Nan & Auntie made for me when I was little...family tradition. Trouble is it's one with little presents so it's cost a small fortune for advent presents, stocking presents and then ACTUAL Christmas presents!!

  • Chelle G.

    I got my Thomas one, i paid full for it....i peraonally think its a disgrace they r selling them at less than half price before dec 1st x

  • Charlotte B.

    Oh wow! He’s one lucky boy then? The Thomas minis one sold out last year so we brought it in Sept! Now it’s still in stock and half price!! Typical!! :confounded:

  • Helen P.

    Amazing !!! I want one

  • Jade P.

    Thanks hun just ordered Cody onecxx

  • Shellie N.

    It's a click and collect it will be a right faff xx

  • Michelle S.

    Got one! Thank you playpennies! Xx

  • Marie H.

    Thomas out of stock :persevere:x

  • Scott F.

    Only got a chocolate one planned for her so far

  • Nicola D.

    Thanks hun they will love them xx

  • Laura U.

    May have just got Olivia the toot toot one :see_no_evil:

  • Nicola D.

    Yes I'm getting that one for Noah. Well cool xx

  • Natalie H.

    Keep trying to get the toot toot sleigh but everywhere is just the train. Anyone actually seen the sleigh x

  • Beki R.

    It’s £11.50 when you go to checkout x

  • Megan W.

    Thank you already got the Star Wars one on the 3 for 2

  • Victoria D.

    Ordered the Star Wars one for Coby, almost got one on Tuesday full price :scream:

  • Jon S.

    Still £50 for like 5 calendars :scream:

  • Michelle S.

    Yeah They all have 50% of at payment xx

  • Dana C.

    Wow theyre cheap go down to £9.50 x

  • Karen C.

    I asked in store and was told this price is online only so have ordered online

  • Marie H.

    You can order Thomas with delivery within 2 weeks

  • Tony A.

    Ordered Logan one last week! X

  • Tony A.

    I paid £12 last week!! X

  • Sam C.

    Missed out on the Star Wars Lego :disappointed: playpennies do you know of any other stores that may be reducing soon?

  • Kayleigh W.

    Really! I bet they’ve sold out now :tired_face::tired_face:

  • Louise A.

    I was thinking they could all share 2/3

  • Niamh T.

    y conor would love the avengers one

  • Kelly H.

    I shall check them out. Thank you xx

  • Colette M.

    Toot Toot out of stock :slight_frown:

  • Cam W.

    Ahhhhh thats mint. Thanks ive just bought one for her :grin:

  • Bekki H.

    I haven't seen these before!

  • Marisa B.

    Was going to get him a different one but tried to add this to basket and sold out! :(

  • Penny B.

    Aw yea she would love this! X

  • Emma T.

    I was adamant they would only get chocolate this year but love a bargain

  • Zara T.

    its gorgeous aint it i want it lol x

  • Nicky S.

    I’ve just ordered it!! Literally xx

  • Tracey T.

    Omg,that's so adorable :purple_heart::purple_heart:x

  • Hannah S.

    Can only click and collect from the 6th of Dec :unamused::unamused:

  • Abbie B.

    She really would. I will take a trip there tomorrow and see if they still have it in stock. I saw it full price last week but didn’t want to pay that!:joy:

  • Tori C.

    Dammit! I’ve got a happyland one for her but she’d love this!! X

  • Jo W.

    Just ordered her one :slight_smile:

  • Danielle H.

    They do all diff kinda ones xx

  • Lucy H.

    I’m staying strong :joy: (although it’s worth buying just for the minis!)

  • Nina M.

    :joy::joy::joy::joy: she'll love it

  • Vanessa R.

    All very nice but what happened to paying a pound :joy:

  • Sue B.

    She’s got about 4 advent calendar last :joy: might get one like this next year xx

  • I'esha R.

    This looks so good! I really do need one:persevere::joy: x

  • Jamie W.

    Arrr thanks - just ordered one! She’ll love it xx

  • Sarah C.

    I am going to get a Lego one in smyths tomorrow

  • Esther D.

    Got one already! :wink: #lydiasuprise

  • Leona T.

    Aww this is cool :joy: xxx

  • Fiona G.

    Oh my goodness, she’d love this! Thanks xx

  • Laura J.

    We are putting the tree up this weekend too - can’t wait any longer :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree: we nearly did it last weekend :blush::blush:xxxx

  • Gem K.

    Ahh thanks mate! Ordered one! Collect from store on Sunday :thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1:

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