2015 LEGO Advent Calendars Available NOW @ Lego Shop

2015 LEGO Advent Calendars Available NOW @ Lego Shop

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We have been discussing the festive season a lot here at PlayPennies, and the release of the new 2015 Lego Advent Calendars has caused a little flutter of excitement. The Lego Shop online has two versions available so far - Lego City and Lego Friends, and both are selling for £19.99.

Last year there were many people watching carefully to see when the prices would drop for these highly sought after calendars... and they just sold out instead! The cheapest they got was £15 or so last September time, and they sold out in minutes!

I could only get the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar last year, and getting lots of teeny space ships is nowhere near as festive as a Father Christmas minifigure, Christmas trees and pressies. I'll be buying early this year instead. It's a gamble as the prices may drop, but we will definitely be watching for any offers and will keep you all up to date.

Even at full price £19.99 for 24 little Lego gifts is a bargain price. The Lego Shop has a limit of 5 per customer as they are targets for those eBay resellers!

You can buy these Lego Advent Calendars in Lego Stores and online, and home delivery is free over £50 or £3.95 when you spend less.


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