20% Discount On Smart Trikes @ Mothercare

17 November 2010

smartTrike Smart Trikes are very popular; full-price Smart Trikes aren't cheap; 20% discount on Smart Trikes at Mothercare...? YES PLEASE!

You've got to admire the British spirit in that bikes, trikes, Smart Trikes and scooters are some of the most popular Christmas presents given, and asked for.

Outdoor toys requested and received at the COLDEST time of the year!!  WHAT is that all about? If we had Southern Hemisphere temperatures in December then I could understand it.

Who knows! But I do know that 20% off selected Smart Trikes, at Mothercare, will go a long way to softening the blow to your bank balance when it comes to big Christmas pressies such as these.

There are several different models to choose from and I rather suspect there are two which will prove to be the most popular and will, therefore, sell out quickest.

It won't take a genius to figure out which - Thomas the Tank Engine Smart Trike and Peppa Pig Smart Trike.

The Thomas the Tank Engine Smart Trike was £34.99 and is now £27.99; the Peppa Pig Smart Trike was £44.99 but is now £35.99.

The one that I'd go for is neither of these though, it's the Smart Trike Comfort and has been reduced to £43.99 from £55.99.

Happy Christmas Triking!

Thanks to Kaz2314 over at HUKD

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