10 Cracking Christmas Websites

9 December 2010


There are some utterly genius human beings out there who’ve devised some totally awesome Christmas fun online. From Santa’s blog to NORAD to turning yourself into an elf, there is a lot of fun to be had online in the lead up to Christmas.

So, pull up a chair, pour yourself some tea and haul your kids into sofa cuddles, and enjoy the pick of the best Christmas websites on the web.

santa_computer1. Santa’s Blog

From the moment you read the headline which reads: Regular Updates Throughout the Holiday Season From North Pole, Inc. Chairman & CEO Santa Claus, you are giggling. I snorted and chuckled my way through his Black Friday shopping bonanza on 26 November, and the various announcements and headlines. Definitely a great read.

2. Send Santa An Email

This site may not be the prettiest site on the web, but the idea is really cute. You can write to Santa Claus and he will respond! Admit to your year of naughtiness and perhaps he will find it in his heart to forgive you… You can also get your cat (or dog) to email Rudolph, play trivia games and get in on the countdown to Christmas.

elephant3. Ugly Christmas Lights.com

Tell me the title alone isn’t enough to make you start sniggering. This website has been created to show all the houses that have the absolute worst Christmas lights ever. Enjoy clicking through the 2010 collection or their impressively lengthy archive. These are genuinely funny and my personal favourite is the Christmas Elephant.

4. Say Merry Christmas…

…in any language you can pretty much think of. From Afrikaans to Yoruba, this website has most languages for you. You can just copy and paste the language of your choice into their Christmas cards, or just write it out yourself. Rehus-Beal-Ledeats.

xmas_pc_ger_l5. The Christmas Day Truce

One of the most heartwarming stories around – the Christmas of 1914 where enemy troops came together in no-mans-land to share Christmas. This website offers an account of the event and goes into excellent detail. Educational, fascinating and heartwarming, it is well worth reading.

6. The Best Christmas Lights

Well, there’s no point mentioning the worst if you’re not going to offer up something comparable at the other end of the spectrum, is there? Here you will find the seven best in the world as rated as far back as 2008. While not the most up-to-date site, I agree, these lights are beyond awesome to behold.

emails-santa-cover7. Merry Christmas.com

The site does pretty much what you’d expect it to – it covers the festive spirit in abundance. You’ll find games, recipes, music, gifts, and a special kids section and every ounce of the site is dripping with good cheer. If your inner Grinch has come out this year, this site will have him drinking mulled wine and singing along in no time at all.

8. Christmas Recipes

All Recipes.com have an entire web section dedicated to the food that surrounds Christmas. Just looking at the landing page has made me start to drool on my keyboard. Plum Bread, Christmas cookies, roast duck, apple pies…the list goes on and on. You will even find a section on Christmas Breakfast ideas. Utterly scrumptious.

356789. Christmas Cookies.com

While we’re on the subject of food, why not take a gander at this site. Yes, they do have lots of those annoying Google ads scattered about the place, but they also have more cookies than you can shake a flour shaker at. From bar cookies to no-bake cookies to refrigerator cookies and more – there is something here to whisper to your inner cookie lover.

10. Christmas Urban Legend

If you haven’t seen the lights that were synchronised to Wizard in Winter then you seriously have not lived. It is almost tragic that the phenomenal display was filmed on such shoddy quality video. This website documents the actual creation of these lights and proves that they were genuinely done by a man called Carson Williams.

This is only a fraction of the websites I uncovered while I was looking on the web so if you have seen all of these, or find them boring, just type in “Christmas websites” and you’ll lose many hours to Christmassy fun.

Snack For Santa by Vera Kratochvil

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