10 Brilliant Gingerbread House How To Guides For Christmas

Christmas is very nearly right on our doorstep and now is the time to start baking all those Christmas gifts that are to be homemade. Biscuits and other such tasty treats need to be as fresh as fresh can be, so now is the time to start heating up the oven and stocking up on butter. In this feature we will be bringing you ten of the best gingerbread house guides for you to make as gifts or sets to give to kids and adults this Christmas.

1. Gingerbread Bird House

Yes, you too can create a bird house out of Gingerbread and give it to that person you love who adores the feathered friends of the world. This is not, obviously, for the birds to eat. This particular set would be stunning as a buildable gift. Take the instructions from Gingerbread By Design and make all the gingerbread and then give them the kit to make it themselves. Stunning.

2. The Simple House

This Gingerbread house is classified by BBC Good Food as, erm, Simple. Looks pretty hard to me! What you need to do here is follow their very simple (sorry) and concise directions to create this stunning little gingerbread house with shingles and snow.

3. Gingerbread Farmhouse

Back to Gingerbread-By-Design and her (his?) brilliant free patterns. This is for a Farmhouse Gingerbread house with complete instructions on how to create, bake, make and decorate this really lovely little gift. Imagine receiving THIS on Christmas day?

4. Tesco Gingerbread House

Tesco has very kindly made a video that will talk you through making a really cute little gingerbread house. They have also added in the ingredients you will need and given you very precise guidelines. This is a good place to start if you are a total beginner.

5. John Waite’s Gingerbread House

The winner of last year’s Bake Off will show you, via The Telegraph, how to make a gingerbread house from scratch. This is also a very helpful video and the result is too gorgeous for words. I am pretty sure that this one could also work well for a beginner.

6. Stained Glass Windows

These are not amazing, but they are cute and you can pull the kids into creating this lovely project for your gingerbread house. Just buy some gum drops, or the sweetie equivalent, and some basic ingredients and Bob’s your Auntie, you have stained glass windows!

7. Hansel & Gretel

This is a black and white, very retro, guide to making Hansel & Gretel’s Gingerbread house from Pastry Pieces. You get the recipe, the pattern, the guide and more on this link right here. It’s very detailed so you may want to print it out to make your life a little easier.

8. Mini Gingerbread Houses

If you don’t fancy making huge, great, big vats of gingerbread, then how about one simple recipe and a bunch of tiny little houses. You could create a Swedish mountain village, if that takes your fancy? Instructions and pictures are on BBC Good Food.

9. Pixie House

Again we return to the brilliance of Gingerbread-by-Design as she is clearly the authority in awesome. This free pattern will teach you how to make a pixie house in Gingerbread, perfect for the kids over Christmas. This one would also work very well as a pre-made kit for someone special with a lot of kids. She also has a brilliant Elf House pattern too, which is just as stunning to make for the kids.

10. A Delicious Template

Delicious has a template for a gingerbread house that has shingles made with chocolate drops and windows lined with liquorice. It’s made me very, very hungry. This particular walkthrough would also suit a beginner or anyone who would like to create a gingerbread house kit to give as a gift. The ingredients and extras needed are very simple and the instructions very basic to follow.

So there you have it, ten brilliant gingerbread houses for you to make and create just in time for Christmas. Good luck and have a truly WONDERFUL festive day.

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