Woolly Twinkling £12.50 @ Asda Direct

Woolly Twinkling £12.50 @ Asda Direct


Asda Direct are slowly adding lines to their Up to Half Price Toy Sale. This Woolly Twinkling toy has been reduced from £29.97 down to £12.50. It's currently reduced to £16.49 at Tesco Direct, £16.49 at Amazon  and the same over on the Argos website. This is a great price and I am going to be bankrupt if all of the big guns keep churning out these bargains.

I must admit until I actually came across this on the Asda Direct site I had absolutely no incline of what a Woolly Twinkling was. So, just in case you are the same, I will explain. It's a big, soft spider, that is a bedtime toy.

A spider wouldn't be my first pick if I was designing a toy for bedtime, but it's face is cute and he plays soft, soothing lullaby music to aid your child to the land of nod. That's not all, he counts kisses and his tummy glows in different colours, so acts as a nightlight type of toy too.

This would be an ideal toy if you are looking for a baby as it is suitable for ages 10 months old and above. It comes with three AAA batteries, so you don't have to worry about that.

Click and collect Woolly Twinkling from your local Asda for FREE or pay £2.95 to have him delivered to your front door.


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