Tikk Tokk Nanny Panel 12 Piece Playpen £40.99 Delivered @ eBay: Argos

Tikk Tokk Playpen £40.99 Delivered

As a parent, you either like Playpens or you don't. Personally, I used them for when I had housework to do around the house or if I need to use the toilet. We paid around £70 for our Playpen and to be honest it resembled a mini prison.

Look at the Tikk Tokk Nanny Panel 12 Piece Playpen and it looks like fun. Argos on eBay have reduced it from £98.99 to just £40.99. That includes FREE delivery too!

The Tikk Tokk Nanny Panel Playpen comes in bright coloured pieces that just click together.

If you have a child that's on the move, then this may just be what you need, when there's no-one else around to help.

You could make this really fun and chuck lots of play balls in.

The beauty of this particular Playpen is you can make it as big as you like, with the extension pack, which may be ideal for childminders, or if you have multiples. The extension pack is currently selling for more than the Playpen, so I would be inclined to grab another Playpen instead, if I needed to make it bigger.

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