Solar Buddies Refillable Sunscreen Applicator £8.99 Delivered @ Amazon Seller

Solar Buddies Sunscreen Applicator
Solar Buddies Refillable Sunscreen Applicator £8.99 Delivered @ Amazon Seller

These are genius. If like me you have a small child that is so independent that they scream at you as soon as you try to help them do anything, then you're going to be a happy person in a minute. The Solar Buddies Refillable Sunscreen Applicator solves the Sun Cream battle with the kids and is priced at just £8.99 delivered at Amazon, sold by the manufacturers themselves...

Why am I so excited about the Solar Buddies Sun Cream Applicator? It allows my "headstrong" child to apply Sun Cream on himself, without the usual battle. Take my money already!

Imagining Sun Cream everywhere? It's designed so that it dispenses the right amount of Lotion without the mess.

You use your own Sun Cream in it too, which is great! It can take up to 100ml.

It's ideal for taking to nursery or school, as it's a great way to teach your child on how to put on their own Sun Cream. Normally, staff and teachers aren't allowed to apply it, so this also cuts out this problem.

Delivery is FREE!

Jojo Maman Bebe* sell it for £8, but they do have a delivery charge on top of that which makes it work out more expensive.


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  • Stacy R.

    We bought these last summer for my 4 and 11 year old to use and they're great, makes applying suncream so much quicker and mess free!

    • Louise M.

      Does it squeeze out? How do you cover them with a roller? I can’t see how this works

      • Stacy R.

        It's a roll on with a sponge around it so the ball spreads the lotion whilst the sponge rubs it in.

      • Mark B.

        Will have to get one of them

        • Ellen E.

          Boots have brought out a stick for kids sun cream. It's completely amazing to use! Just used it on ski holiday!

          • Carolyn C.

            These are brilliant! I got one for my son and he loves it and doesn’t moan about having sun cream on

            • Lisha H.

              this might stop darce bathing herself in suncream :joy: x

              • Danni R.

                This looks cool and so easy! X

                • Elaine O.

                  I put it on her every morning

                  • Nikki S.

                    These are great, my 4.5year old happily puts suncream on and even reapplies it herself at nursery. Completely mess free and small enough to slip nicely into her bag

                    • Susan T.

                      Amazon, I’ll order one x

                      • Lisa N.

                        Oh they are going to love those! Thank you :relaxed:

                        • Rebecca M.

                          Thought they looked fab for school age x

                          • Andrea H.

                            Been using ours for a few days now and we love it! Best investment

                            • Nikki M.

                              They are expense but so worth the price tag ? my 3 love it no arguments gets cream now x love doing it them self and so easy x

                              • Sabrina D.

                                I saw this product on the program Buy It Now & it is a good idea if you have chidren xx

                                • Sarah S.

                                  I brought some nivea roll on suncream! X

                                  • Sarah E.

                                    Yes and highly recommend, makes it so much quicker and easier x

                                    • Jenny L.

                                      Ooooh gona get one myself!! What a great idea!! X

                                      • Nicky C.

                                        I have the Nivea roll on one which is great.

                                        • Bec L.

                                          Or you could just buy kids suntan lotion in a roll on and save yourself £8.99??

                                          • Jenny L.

                                            I know yeah, really good! Plus they love to be independent xx