Phillips Avent Bath And Room Thermometer £8.38 @ Amazon

The usual price for this Phillips Avent bath and room thermometer is an extortionate £18.oo; lucky for us, Amazon are currently letting them go for £8.38.

I've never used a bath thermometer, I just used the good old-fashioned 'elbow' test to decide whether the water was warm enough or not, but I have always used room thermometers in baby's bedrooms.

My internal thermometer is RUBBISH! I feel the cold very easily so am really not the best judge of when a room is the right temperature or not - whenever the thermometers say it is, I always think it feels a bit chilly.

Anyway, if Phillips Avent Bath and Room Thermometer is the sort of thing you're after, then I'd pop over to Amazon and grab one now - £8 is a price worth paying for it, I'd say, but £18...not so much.

If you know someone who's expecting a baby then perhaps you'll consider buying the parents-to-be one of these - it'll make a nice change from the usual baby gros, vests, booties and hats.

The Phillips Avent Bath and Room Thermometer has been tested according to all toy standards, the thermometer is safe for babies and children of all ages to play with in the bath, so you don't need to worry about trying to keep it out of their inquisitive reach.

There's no delivery to pay with Amazon if you choose the SuperSaver delivery option - it usually takes just a couple of working days for things to arrive if they're in stock.

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