Peppa Pig & George Pig Backpack Reins £9 @ Asda George

Peppa Pig & George Pig Backpack Reins £9

When my daughter was younger I bought a little backpack with reins on it, it was so handy when she got to that independent stage where she didn't want to be in her pushchair anymore. Getting her to wear it was a pain sometimes so we bought a backpack with her favourite characters on.

I wish I had seen these Peppa Pig and George Backpack Reins as she would have loved them!

These fab little backpack reins are available at Asda George for just £9 each. These sweet backpacks are perfect for storing snacks and essentials in and are fun for little ones to wear thanks to the colourful Peppa and George designs.

The backpack has a chest strap that clips around your little one while they are wearing it, there's a strap attached to the top of the backpack with a wrist strap to give you piece of mind when walking along with your little one.

Home delivery is £2.95 or you can Click and Collect for free from your local Asda store.


  • Nikki H.

    these would be great for the wean when she’s walking. X

  • Nicola S.

    I’ve got these for Holly xx

  • Melissa F.

    Charlie would like a George pig one

    • Vicki S.

      Cole is obsessed with George pig :joy:! He calls him Gee x

    • Melissa F.

      Charlie is peppa and george mad at the moment. He has a nemo back pack but its at mums so it would be good to get one to keep here too!

  • Liane S.

    I’ve literally just had an email to say the one I have order is out for delivery :confused: Gutted! Can he have two? :joy:

  • Neil P.

    Awww yes they’re so cute xx

  • Stacey A.

    I really needs these lol xx

  • Anna A.

    How cute would Lucy and Connor look with these on? Not bad for £9 x

  • Paul S.

    Should get her it and sell it other one xx

  • Emma B.

    Connor has one of these x

  • Kelsey T.

    Think I need to invest if I let go of Amelia’s hand she’s off x

  • Mollie P.

    So cute! We already have some though and never use them :joy:

  • Khiya P.

    Awww man, wee G loves Peppa x

  • Dot S.

    Oh she would have loved that :persevere:cxxx

  • Samantha T.

    Hes got a dinosaur 1 thanks tho xx

  • Elizabeth F.

    Gorgeous! Already got some tho ha x

  • Louise C.

    She would never take them off:joy: xx

  • Lucy E.

    I went to Asda yesterday :weary:

  • Keeley H.

    Just ordered them thank you!! X

  • Aimée S.

    Aww so cute! The one I got that had the bag with it kept riding up and strangling him so I didn't use them :joy::joy:

  • Lorraine H.

    Dam I got one but I like this one better :rolling_eyes:

  • Allison P.

    Aw they ate cute ruby would love them. But we already have reins. I dont really need more lol x

  • Angela T.

    Aww thats so cute grace would love it aha x

  • Mary P.

    I will be needing one of these for Archie soon xx

  • Lucy W.

    Seen them today in asda:see_no_evil::sparkling_heart: zxx

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