Peekaru Or Freakaru?!!!


You know, sometimes I come across things that just stop me in my tracks; things that I can't believe I'm seeing and, as a result, am utterly mesmerised by them - the Peekaru is one of these things.

I wish I could tell you how I stumbled across the Peekaru, but I can't - it was just one of those times where I was looking for something COMPLETELY unrelated, saw a picture of it, tracked it down and am now telling you about it.

The idea is great - and if you're into contact parenting/baby wearing then you're going to LOVE IT - it's totally effective but WOW can it look weird, alien and may get you stared at in the street if you wear it forward facing!

So basically, the Peekaru is a fleece vest/tank top/bodywarmer (if you prefer) that has a hole for your head and arms PLUS a hole for your babies head, because you're going to be zipping it over you and your baby who's in a carrier!

SEE, brill' idea - especially when you need your hands and really don't want to be constantly wrestling with blankets in the wind, wearing your coat half around you because you've pulled it round to cover your child in their sling.

Now it doesn't look so freaky when it's worn with your child slung around your back, but at the front - I just can't get films like Alien out of my head!

There are various different versions - the Original (which costs $79.95), the Hoodie ($69.95) and a soft shell version that's weather proof (on sale currently for $149.95 instead of a WHOPPING $249.95) and you can buy them from their original website and have them shipped over from Colorado (they have a big range) but it's going to cost you an additional $35 - $55.

I did come across this place in the UK who sells them too (and offer free shipping on UK orders) and their price for the Original Peekaru is £55, £130 for the soft shell version and if you wanted the hoody, I'm sorry - it doesn't look like they stock that one.

If you have one of these, or buy one, please let us know how you get on with it and send PICTURES - we'd love to see!

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