NSPCC 'I Saw Your Willy' Campaign... What's Your View?

NSPCC I Saw Your Willy

Have you watched the NSPCC's 'I saw your willy' campaign yet?

If not, you can watch it here.

Inevitably, it has provoked quite some debate online, and at Playpennies Towers we've been discussing the whole issue of keeping children safe online, as a result.

The basic premise - that we should help keep our children safe online by being 'share aware' - is totally commendable, but this isn't a campaign I plan to show my kids. Why? Because frankly - and perhaps I'm naive - I don't think sharing pictures of their willies is something that has entered my kids heads, so I'm inclined to think that this attempt to raise awareness around what it means to be 'share aware' could end up opening quite the can of worms with my kids.

I'd like to see a campaign that creatively teaches children how to use social media safely, instead of one that just focuses on what not to do.

And while the campaign effectively highlights that kids - and indeed all of us - should think twice before sharing anything online, I'm surprised that nothing was made of the point that re-sharing inappropriate content isn't cool either.

But working out how to talk to your kids about staying safe online is undeniably something of a minefield. In our house, we've already been debating the whole question of how old a child should be before they get a mobile phone for the past year or so,  and this piece from a couple of years ago about keeping your child safe online is still a useful read.

But what do you think? We've love to hear your views over on our Facebook page. Have you watched the campaign video, and is it something you plan to watch with your kids? Or do you think there are other more subtle ways of driving home the same important message about how to stay safe online?

What do you think?

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