Hype Have Started Selling Face Masks And All Of The Profits Go To The NHS

Wearing one has never looked so good!
Hype Have Started Selling Face Masks And All Of The Profits Go To The NHS

Of course, we would much rather not have to wear a face mask, but if we have to we want to make sure we look our best. Hype have started selling some pretty funky ones, and the best bit is that all the profits from the sale of them goes to the NHS. Well done Hype!

Hype Face Masks

The Hype face masks are priced at £9.99 each, or packs of three for £24.99. 100% of the profits from the sale of these face masks goes towards the NHS.

There are children's ones*, as well as adults* too, and they are ideal for those supermarket trips or if you're out on your daily walk with the kids.

They are not for medical use, for ideal for personal use only.

Hype Legends T-Shirt

In addition to the face masks, Hype are selling a very special t-shirt to celebrate those heroes working relentlessly to keep us alive. The Hype NHS Legends Script T-Shirt* is priced at £9.99, with ALL of the profits from the sale of it going to our NHS.


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  • Mel S.

    if I have to wear a mask when we go back to work, I'd wear one of these. Lol

    • Tania W.

      all this is scary for kids so if they look "cool" it might just make them less scared and anxious! I'm sure parents are making sure they follow all the other rules

      • Katy L.

        making trendy ones with brands young ones like might encourage wear, therefore increase compliance and save lives! Well done Hype :thumbsup:

        • Peter T.

          the general public masks dont need to be n95 regulation. General public masks are to protect other people from them not protect themselves from others. Joe public wouldnt think about putting a mask on safely for a start. When joe public wears a mask it's an effective cough and sneeze block, and a reminder to keep their hands away from their nose and mouth.

          • Davina C.

            I'm not sure why people are unhappy about these being branded, if it encourages kids to ware them can't see the diffrence it makes , we are coming into uncertain times and also it's not about money as it profit is being donated it the Nhs, I'll happily buy one for my fussy 10 year old x