Why Are Head Lice Still Plaguing Our Schools?


If you look above then the chances are you are clawing at your scalp as we speak. THAT photo has been doing the rounds on social media sites and that's because that is one heck of a head lice infestation! It was only last week that our lovely Lucy Sweet did a feature on head lice, which you can find here; including a map of "nit" hotspots around the United Kingdom.

We want to know what it's like where you are? I know that my two boys are forever bringing letters home about head lice doing the rounds at school, so why is it that in this day and age we still have this itchy problem?

We are seeing more and more adverts on the television selling head lice treatments. Which clearly suggests that the market is growing. I know the school my sons attend is very "on the ball" when it comes to nits but after a discussion with the other PlayPennies girls, I can't help but wonder if other schools are as active in eradicating those nasty wee beasties!

If you do a little bit of digging online there's lots to suggest that perhaps children are increasing physical contact with others and that head lice have become resistant to a lot of the over the counter remedies.

What can you do as a parent to keep those nasty nits at bay? We have all heard those old chestnuts about tying long hair back, avoiding head to head contact, using potent smelling oils like Tea Tree or Lavender, but are these precautions working?

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  • nicci35
    My daughter constantly has nits,iv tried everything, spent hours and lots money trying to sort it but she keeps coming back home with em!
  • Saidyjane
    I have three girls and two boys, I think I have tried every remedy out there, some work and some don't, I haven't had to deal with them for a while and I have found that a finishing there hair off with some hairspray is the best remedy, I find it puts a barrier on so the headlice can't get in
  • annasonfire
    I work in a Dementia Care home. A residents grandaughter passed on head lice to her. It's been a nightmare as the lotions and potions don't seem to work and due to the dementia they are reluctant to let you comb through. Have been tempted to walk round in a head scarf.
  • twinmumjeni
    Hello don't buy potions and lotions , a Nitty Gritty (available in boots and other chemists) is a really good not combe yeah it's a bit more expencive but I've had mine 8 years and still works fine. I have very long hair and lots of friends with kids (nit age) my own girls are only 1 so not been affected by them yet. I find regular checking of hair with combe and if any are found combe again every 2-3 days to eliminate the cycle works best. I know parents who use shampoo with tea tree in and swear by it as a repellant but haven't know it to work myself.
  • SusanMcL
    My bairn's school refuse to put out letters to parents! I phoned to warn them that my daughter had lice and I was told "we can't put letters out about there being a problem as it is against human rights"! Incredulous!!! I am not saying they should 'name and shame' for goodness sake! Just a wee note to let parents know to be extra vigilant. Perhaps this stance is contributing to the outbreaks being worse.
  • nannyhoo
    Buy any cheap conditioner, slather it on as thickly as you can and wrap the hair. Leave on for an hour or more. It effectively suffocates the nits, and avoids you having to use the more nasty chemicals or strong smelling oils some children find hard to tolerate. Comb it out with a nit comb or fine tooth comb.

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