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emergencyTransfers My youngest wandered off in John Lewis a couple of years ago - he was next to me one minute and gone the next, to say I felt sick is understatement!

My eldest son has been to various BIG rugby and football matches over the years; he reliably informs me it was really uncomfortable having phone numbers written on a piece of paper and tucked into his sock.

I love these emergency contact information transfers - my ex-husband has some for our youngest, and we both think they're fabulous.

Basically they have your contact phone number on them and transfer on to your child's skin, the way normal temporary transfers/tatoos do.

Your child can choose the design they'd like, and you can choose what you want it to say: Please call mum, call my dad! or whatever you like.

There are also ones for allergies too - which I think is a VERY good idea!

This is one of those simple ideas that makes you wonder why YOU didn't think of it sooner *grin*

They cost £6.50 for a sheet of 12 and delivery is £2 on top of that.

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  • debadwolff
    em it's called buy a roll of labels (about a quid) and write the details on yourself. Place on the child's back and one or two others around so if the BAD happens and the child gets lost there will be at least one label on view! And this saves bucks. Legoland - free labels - always pick 'em up and use!
  • Lynley O.
    Yes but the unique selling point of these is that they go on the skin. I wonder about smudging or rubbing off, but it is a unique idea. And more decorative than writing the number on the back of their hand or forearm.
  • Sarah K.
    They can take days to wear off and have been tested so they can withstand sunscreen etc. If you want to remove them before they wear off, then you can use baby oil. It tells you all of this and answers lots of questions on the website.
  • Simon L.
    Thanks for the post Sarah! The key thing is that children actually like to wear tattoos - but don't like "labels". Also because they are on skin they can be used on the beach etc. A pack of 12 will easily last a two week holiday.

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