BT 150 Digital Baby Monitor £43.99 @ Amazon

BT 150 Digital Baby Monitor £43.99 @ Amazon

bt150DigitalBabyMonitorBuy this BT 150 Digital Baby Monitor from Amazon and you'll save £26 - they've reduced its price from £69.99 down to £43.99.

When my youngest was a baby I had a baby monitor that had a motion sensor mat under his mattress that would detect changes in breathing, not everyone wants that but DO want to be able to listen in to their baby when they're in a different room.

This BT 150 Digital Baby Monitor looks like a great option - it's sleek and stylish and doesn't come in hidoues gawdy colours (hurrah!) and it has a ton of features too.

You can plug your MP3 player into it and play music of your choice to your baby to help them drift off to sleep, it has an integrated thermometer, DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) digital technology, polyphonic lullabies (I think I'd stick to music on my iPod).

It also has rechargeable batteries and a torch on the parent handset and, according to the official blurb, its high-definition sound  is so good it sounds like your baby is in the room with you.

And if you want even MORE, the BT 150 Digital Baby Monitor has a vibrate function so you can put the monitor on silent when you need to, perhaps when you're making an important phonecall, and still be alerted when your baby needs you.

Happy baby monitoring.


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