B-Scene Safety Coats £22.50 @ Kids One Stop Shop

18 December 2011

B-Scene is a revolutionary new clothing brand for children, developed with the built in safety aspect: they glow in the dark. Actually, they have built in high visibility strips, like those reflective bicycle jackets, but without the ugly yellow that no one really wants to wear. These are currently reduced by 50% to just £22.50, which is a great price for a coat anyway, high visibility or not.

This is, I’ll admit, a bit of an odd one. The coats look absolutely fabulous, and with it being dark by the time most kids walk past our house on their way home, I think it’s a brilliant invention, but buying it is a bit unusual.

The price is shown as £22.50 on the website, until you click on buy, then it throws it up as being £44.99. In order to get the £22.50 price, you have to register as a member on the website, where after you’ll be given a unique code to enter to get the sale price. While initially off-putting, I did it and found the information they want from you is less than you’d normally provide when doing an online order, so it’s actually not such a big deal.  They’ve just done it a little back to front.

Something else to be aware of is, as far as I can tell, you can only pay by PayPal.

Buying aside, I think the coats are a brilliant idea, especially if the school run happens after dark or before light for you!

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