Brother Max Bear Carry And Hang Nightlight £14.99 Delivered @ Argos

11 July 2015

brother max

Being scared of the dark is horrible and I can still be a "scaredy cat" when my husband is working away. Nightlights are the way forward. My children's night time routine has improved vastly due to the use of them. They are now older and don't need them but they really got rid of those fears. This Brother Max Bear Carry and Hang Nightlight is reduced from £29.99 to just £14.99 at Argos and that includes FREE delivery! are selling it for £24.99, so it's a bargain from Argos

The Brother Max Bear Carry and Hang Nightlight has one bad review only on Argos but DO NOT let that put you off. Look at the reviews and Pramworld for starters. There are more reviews and they are consistently good.

This clever nightlight can be positioned anywhere your little one wants it to be. It can sit on a shelf or be hung on the bedroom door handle or if your child needs a wee in the night, they can carry it with them.

It comes with the charging unit and the light can be on whilst it's charging which is great really.

This nightlight is an "Online Exclusive" to Argos so you cannot Reserve and Collect it. However, you don;t have to pay the delivery fee anyway as it is FREE.

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