BabyStart Single Panel Metal Wall Fix Safety Gate £8.99 @ Argos

BabyStart Single Panel Metal Wall Fix Safety Gate £8.99 @ Argos

In need of a safety gate for your little one? They're an essential purchase with babies and toddlers, and this one from Argos is one of the lowest prices we have ever seen. The BabyStart Single Panel Metal Wall Fix Safety Gate is on offer at just £8.99, down from £14.99, and it's very rare to see one for less than £10.

This is a metal safety gate that fixes to the wall with screws, meaning that there is no bar across the bottom to step over. Adults can unlock it with one hand but there is a double locking feature to stop little ones opening it. Quick release fittings allow you to remove it when needed as well.

We went for pressure fit gates with our kids as we didn't want to screw them into the wall, but if I was buying again then I would much prefer ones like these without a bar across the bottom, as we used to trip over the bottom bar all the time. If you're in a rental property though you may need to check that you are okay to fit one of these to the wall, as they will leave a mark unlike pressure fit gates.

Reviews are very good, which is pretty important when you are looking at safety equipment, and very reassuring.

At the moment there seems to be plenty of stock about for the free reserve and collect from Argos stores, and also for home delivery at an extra charge of £3.95.


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  • Katie H.

    My parents bought one the other day :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: this one is so cheap !

    • Danielle B.

      Ooh that's a good price x

      • Kate W.

        We have this. I think it's great! Easy to open but tough for toddlers.

        • Janie D.

          i've got one measurements are wrong doesn't bloody fit! at its smallest was too big for my stairs :/ because of the metal adjustable things that come out the ends... the gate itself would've fit lol

          • Emma C.

            Sadly this kind are so easy for kids to figure out, they lift up no locking mechanism. My son got wise to it almost instantly. Buy a better one, this one ends up a waste.

            • Levi B.

              That would of been perfect but it's a screw in wall one and don't like them :sob::sob: xx

              • Louise D.

                Ooooo fab! Cheers sweetie :kissing_closed_eyes:

                • Amy R.

                  Lol we need a new one :see_no_evil:

                  • Callie A.

                    thank you I'll have a look tomorrow x

                    • Heidi W.

                      Saw that but it's the one that you have to drill x

                      • Caroline B.

                        We brought one a couple of weeks ago and it's great recommend

                        • Dionne M.

                          That's a really good price! Xx

                          • Velma F.

                            Thanks hen. Ordered 2. X. Delivered Monday. X

                            • Gail R.

                              Decent price might see if I can grab one x

                              • Charlene M.

                                Reserved one to collect tomorrow :)

                                • Jacqueline R.

                                  We were talking about how expensive these where the other day aswell!!

                                  • Abigail T.

                                    Ooh thanks :blush: we need one for our kitchen door to keep Lucy out

                                    • Joanne N.

                                      Thank you just ordered one x

                                      • Kelly-marie B.

                                        Ah I did see these but I'm not sure if we can screw anything to the doors/walls so may have to get the other style I'll ask Thursday when I see the house for measuring xxxx

                                        • Faye I.

                                          That's cheap will get one ordered xx