Baby Safety Animal Door Stop 90p Delivered @ Amazon

 Baby Safety Animal Door Stop 90p Delivered @ Amazon

DoorstopAmazon seller fashionnewsun is selling a set of four Baby Safety Door Stops with animal designs. They have 5-star reviews, and are delivered free of charge, so there's no bad side to it, really!

Randomly, the details say a four-pack, but the image shows five, so the chance are you're going to get a random selection and kind of have to be happy with what you get.

The reviews are good though, with people saying they do the job - I believe you hood them over the top of the door, so that it can't slam shut - which is pretty much what you want from it. One person did comment that they aren't thick enough for the front or back doors, so I guess you have to allow for that: I use a baby gate when I don't want the kids to go out the front door!

You may notice others selling similar products at more or less prices - be sure to check the reviews, where they're shipping from (and how long it will take) and the merchant's feedback, so that you can have confidence in your purchase, and in little fingers being protected from pain.


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