Ambre Solaire Kids SPF30 Coloured Sunscreen Spray(200ml) £8.00 @ Amazon

Ambre Solaire Kids SPF30 Coloured Sunscreen Spray(200ml) £8.00 @ Amazon

ambreSolaireKidsSunscreenIt was lovely in my little part of the country yesterday and kids playing outside would definitely have needed sunscreen on; Amazon are currently selling Ambre Solaire Kids SPF 30 sunscreen spray for £8.00 instead of £16.92.

There's nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a child with painful sunburn, there really is no excuse for it.

I know that sunscreen is usually expensive and has a limited shelf life - you can't keep bumping over sun cream you haven't used year after year; if you've got some that's a bit aged in your cupboard, throw it OUT -  but you just cannot put a price on protecting your child from the harmful effects of the sun.

I always buy sunscreen when it's on offer, it just doesn't make sense not to, and this Amazon deal on Ambre Solair Kids SPF30 sunscreen is one of their Deals of the Week so the price is guaranteed until 11.59pm this Sunday (19 June).

It has a blue colour to it, which fades - don't worry, so you can see exactly where you've applied the cream and cover up any patches you've missed.

It comes in a spray bottle, contains vitamin E, is hypoallergenic, sand and water resistant and is fragrance-free too.

I can't see any limits on how many you can order, so if you're planning on spending all of the summer outside in the sun (I'm loving my optimism here) then you are free to stock up.

Happy safety in the sun!


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