2 x Mothercare Play Pen/Room Divider £95.18 @ Mothercare

10 September 2010

gate1 Right, there's are various options available to you with these Mothercare Play Pen and Room Dividers - I'm hoping it won't get too complicated!

When it comes to play pens there are, generally, two camps of parents - those who think they are nothing other baby prisons which will scar your child for life and get them used to time behind bars from an early age, and those who sing their praises!

As with all these things they can be open to abuse but my goodness, if you've got more than one child, work from home with a little one to look after at the same time, have dogs, have open fires, insert your own danger scenario here then you'll know just HOW useful they can be.

But whether or not you love them or loathe them, this one from Mothercare can multi-task!

gate2If you're house is open plan then you'll already know that normal stair gates just aren't of any use to you - ta DAA! The Mothercare Play Pen and Room Divider to the rescue!

It says, that it can also be used as a fire guard - but there are mesh screens....so I'm not sure about that! My open fire would eat it alive!

Now here are the deal bits: ordinarily these cost £84.99 but they have been reduced to £67.99 if you just want one.

If you buy two you get 20% off, THEN if you apply this code - FU3U - you'll get another 10% off and the price for two becomes £95.18 - ideal for one at home and one at the grandparents house!

Delivery is free or you can choose to collect from your nearest store if you prefer.

Thanks to alisonhockey34 over at HUKD!

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