Up To 80% Off Toy Story Irregular Choice & More @ Schuh

Up To 50% Off Toy Story Irregular Choice
Up To 80% Off Toy Story Irregular Choice & More @ Schuh

If you are a fan of Irregular Choice shoes and accessories then you must check out the awesome sale at Schuh.

There's up to 50% off tons of items including the brand new Irregular Choice Toy Story collection!

Here are a few of the Irregular Choice Toy Story items that we found in the sale:

There's plenty more Irregular Choice bargains to choose from, many of which have up to 80% off such as these Disney Tropical Minnie High Heels* for just £46.99 down from £149. You can check out the rest of the Schuh Sale here*.

Home delivery is £3 and becomes FREE when you spend £25 or more. Click and Collect from a Schuh store is free of charge.


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  • Lisa H.

    U could get pair of these with ur voucher

    • Sara G.

      I’m waiting for The Little Mermaid collection!

      • Meghan M.

        the bag...the bag THE BAG

        • Elizabeth A.

          You're tagging me like I wouldn't already know :joy::joy::joy:

          • Claire L.

            I just seen them tagged you both then read it lol xx

            • Georgia M.

              oooh might have to take a peek lol

              • Aimee S.

                No.....! I'd rather dream! Plus I'd never get to wear those heals! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

                • Alyson M.

                  grrr wish i hadn't seen this lol

                  • Vikki B.

                    No but your son would while you were at work

                    • Lucy L.

                      Oh my god I love them so much i almost wet meself :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:!!!!!! Xxxxxx

                      • Aimee S.

                        You know my life so well! Does yours fancy a pair! :wink::kissing_heart: x

                        • Toby O.

                          I love them but wouldn't be able to wear them!

                          • Kimberley K.

                            I've see the woody shoes before. I don't think she'll still like toy story by the time she'll fit in them lol

                            • Sarah G.

                              Caleb would like them lol

                              • Lisa G.

                                Look on the link at the little purses:heart_eyes:

                                • Helen G.

                                  There was a buzz light year pair too!

                                  • Alison H.

                                    Oh no. Looks like I’ll be spending some money !!!

                                    • Toby O.

                                      I'll buy a display cabinet

                                      • Vikki B.

                                        He’d love some :blue_heart::blue_heart:

                                        • Kate M.

                                          I have the top left ones :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: