Smockas 30% Off @ Ocky Olly

Smockas 30% Off @ Ocky Olly

Ocky Olly Smockas won the best Junior Fashion Brand in the Loved By Parents awards this year, and in celebration of this fact, they are reducing their Smockas by 30%. Something warm and waterproof in wet and cold weather may not be foremost on your mind right now, but that's where the benefits of planning ahead come in!

Grab a smocka from Ocky Olly for 30% less

  • Discount: 30%
  • Expires: roughly 4 August 2013
  • DiscountCode: GOLD

I reviewed these Ocky Olly smockas last year, and they are absolutely brilliant for outdoorsy days, especially when it's cold and wet out.

Quoting from the review: "The Smocka is an oversized children’s sweater with a waterproof lined front pocket, purpose made for collecting leaves, shells and so on. The sweater bit is made from fleece and is large enough to fit over regular clothes and jumpers or coats in really cold weather, or can be worn as ‘something warm’ in these early autumn days.

The pocket is large and holds loads, so it’s a good idea, for us at least, to have a culling exercise where we choose our favourite treasures before we get in the car!"

So these are £35 ordinarily, but with the discount, it's now £24.50, which is pretty good value, in my book.

To make sure you always get a discount when available, all Ocky Olly voucher codes can be found in our voucher section


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