Children's Character Clothing From £1.95 @ LamaLoLi

Children's Character Clothing From £1.95 @ LamaLoLi


Never heard of LamaLoli? Neither had I until the start of the year, but I am glad as I would have been skint a long time ago. What do they sell? Adult and children's clothing, mostly character themed items, at teeny tiny prices. Seriously, get all the Minnie and Mickey, Skylanders etc for Sports Direct prices. This site is exactly what all us money-conscious parents have been waiting for.

With clothing starting from just £1.95, you just gotta have look. If like me you have more kids than sense then you will enjoy the fact that you can clothe them for very little in the way of money.  Let's face it they grow out of them so quickly so why not grab the cheap stuff?

Like those Disney Mouses? Check out this Minnie Mouse Nightdress* for just £4.95 or this Mickey Mouse Hoody*for £8.95. Shortie Pyjamas are great for those warm, balmy nights in the Summer, here's some in Spider-Man* for £5.95 or Minnie Mouse* for £4.95.

Spend over £20 and get FREE delivery or if you aren't planning on forking out that much (with I highly doubt when you see all those bargains) then postage is £5.95 (ouch!).


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