End Of Baby Event Clearance In Asda Stores

 asda baby event clearance pm

We are getting lots of reports of massive savings on baby and toddler products in Asda stores as the Baby and Toddler Event comes to an end. What seems to be happening is that extra stocks sent into stores just for the Baby Event are being sold off to make room for Halloween and Christmas lines, so there are tons of bargains to be had.

They seem to be selling items off at half the price that they were in the Baby Event! Availability is going to vary by store, but we can give you a list of what has been reported to us so far:

  • Pampers baby dry - Sizes 3, 4, 5,6 Giga Pack - £7
  • Little angels nappies - £2.25 - £2.50
  • Johnsons baby wipes 12 pack - £3.50
  • Johnsons baby skincare essentials box - £5
  • Johnsons cotton buds - 50p
  • Bepanthen nappy ointment - £1
  • Little angels nappy sacks - 50p
  • Lindam safety gate - £8
  • Red kite changing mat - £3
  • Little anglels starter pack - includes nappies, nappy sacks and bath - £2.50
  • Pampers starter box - £5
  • Various Red Kite toys  - from  £3.50
  • Pull ups - £1.50
  • Pampers bed time mats - £1.50
  • Pampers 12 pk wipes - £4.00
  • Car seats, moses basket, moses basket stand all reduced to clear at least 50% off

All of these reductions are from today (I was in store checking for end of baby event reductions yesterday and they had not happened!) so although customers are understandably bulk buying it's definitely worth a trip to your local store to see what you can grab.

We have also been told that the Little Angels nappies should not have been reduced to half price instore, and that they were accidentally included in today's reductions. Apparently that error will be rectified tomorrow so don't bank on Little Angels still being on offer tomorrow!

Good Luck everyone! Hope you all manage to get some bargains!

Thanks to Lisa and Nicola on our Facebook page, and to gino15 and gracieee on HUKD for information and the pictures.

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  • daisychain1
    Pampers wipes are 8pound but it says on hear there 4 pound .
  • Ashleigh1011
    This wasn't the end of baby event sale. They made a massive error with the labels at head office. One of the staff members told me! X
  • windypops1
    They have put the prices back up. Luckily when I saw the post last night i made a run for asda and got a couple of packs of the nappies and the wipes so win here
  • shona020567
    This wasn't the end of baby event sale. They made a massive error with the labels at head office. One of the staff members told me! X i feel this was false advertising just to get you into the store,i went to pick up the bather for the bath as it said £4.00 went to the till to be charged £10, told the cashier who was very helpful and told me the staff had put the wrong label on,so i had to pay £10.. for something i thought was £4;00:(:(
  • karenplaypennies
    Thanks for all the feedback!

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