NEW Paw Patrol, Cinderella & Spiderman Car Seats £79.99 Delivered @ Tesco Direct

NEW Paw Patrol, Cinderella & Spiderman Car Seats £79.99 Delivered @ Tesco Direct

I must say I got a little too excited when I saw these amazing new car seats! My daughter is a big Paw Patrol fan, like most little one's these days, so when I first saw the Paw Patrol Marshall Embrace Car Seat I couldn't help but think how much she would love it!

They are sold at Tesco Direct via Smart Kid Store and retail at £79.99 each. They also include free delivery. My favourite is the Kids Embrace Paw Patrol 1-2-3 Car Seat* featuring Marshall, the lovable Dalmatian.

All of the Embrace high-back booster seats come with a 5 point harness and three harness slots. They also have 2 large cup holders and all the covers are washable, such a great feature as we all know how mucky they get. The head rest is adjustable which means the seat really does grow with your child.

They are suitable from 9 months up until 12 years of age. Once your child reaches 4 years of age the harness can be removed and the car seat can be used with the car's seat belt. There is also a side impact protection built in to protect youngsters.

There are plenty more new designs available all at £79.99 delivered including, Cinderella*, Spiderman*, Dora and Friends* and Spongebob Squarepants*.

If you want to find out more about what car seat is best for your little one, make sure you have a read of our Guide To Choosing and Buying The Best Car Seats For Your Children. It's packed full of information and tips to guide you in the right direction.


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  • Tasha A.

    Love the paw patrol one shame this wasn't available when I bought my sons seat

    • Annabelle M.

      Lee would want spider man and paw patrol lol xx

      • Tasha A.

        Come to think of it if callum got to choose hed have spiderman but i prefer paw patrol lol x

      • Elizabeth H.

        Love it x

        • Lisa L.

          Oww love the paw patrol one x

          • Laura E.

            Omg there lush xx

            • Jo H.

              paw patrol one is too cute xx

              • Kayleigh D.

                how cool are these xxx

                • Toni H.

                  Gosh. Loving these. My 2 year old would want the paw patrol as that's Marshall his favourite Paw patrol. And my 6 year old love princesses. She has almost every dress

                  • Charise H.

                    Amazing! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                    • Tami G.

                      I want one myself, lol

                      • Alyson B.

                        They are cute, but are they safe?

                        • Tami G.

                          Not as safe as rear facing but I don't know how much longer she could anyway with her height. I haven't looked into it.

                        • Jade P.

                          look at that paw patrol chair!! Xxx

                          • Amy M.

                            Poppy an dyls would love it wouldn't they xxx

                          • Michelle B.

                            Aww... how cute are they?

                            • Kirstie C.

                              My little ones would love either of them! They need these!! :joy:

                              • Julie C.

                                isn't this just class x

                              • Leigh T.

                                the paw patrol one is nice

                                • Ema L.

                                  how cute the paw patrol

                                  • Hayley B.

                                    Considering the number of seats recalled recently I'd be curious to know if as much effort went into the safety of they seats as the design.

                                    • Harriet R.

                                      I can't stand these character seats as they sell because the kids love the design but the parent doesn't think hardly atall about the safety.

                                      • Babybrain

                                        I thought the same. No way would I put a 9 month old in one of these. The sides don't look anywhere near safe enough! 

                                      • Angela C.

                                        Cheap plastic wrapped in character fabric. Car seats are a life saving device. I certainly wouldn't trust this to have any side impact testing /protection at all.

                                      • Liz H.

                                        Wish I hadn't just bought a new car seat!

                                        • Natalie P.

                                          Wish they'd stop making character seats which are quite likely not to fit safely in the vast majority of cars!

                                          • Angela C.

                                            I wish Playpennies would stop advertising these low standard seats :rage:

                                            • Natalie P.

                                              Angela Conduit I know, car seats should only be about safety not a child's current obsession!

                                            • Trudy L.


                                              • Sam J.

                                                Love it!!!! :) xxxxxxxxxxxx