Maxi-Cosi Car Seat Swap Service: They'll Replace Your Car Seat Free Of Charge In The Event Of A Car Accident

Maxi-Cosi Car Seat Swap Service

Did you know that if you own a Maxi Cosi car seat and have the misfortune of being in a road accident, Maxi Cosi will replace your seat free of charge?

Here's what they say about the Maxi Cosi car seat swap scheme:

We value and support our customers, and we understand that having a car accident and dealing with its aftermath can be incredibly stressful. That's why we came up with our Car Seat Swap Service. If your child car seat has been in an accident, you can't be sure that it's still safe. Even if you can't see any damage, it may not function properly.
We can take the Maxi-Cosi car seat that has been in the accident and replace it with a brand new one, so you can be confident that your child is safe. And we can get valuable information about how our car seats perform in collisions.

My car was once written off when another driver accidentally put her foot on the accelerator instead of the brake, driving into the driver's side of my vehicle. My kids were in the car at the time and although I sustained a minor injury, they were fortunately fine. But we stopped using the car seats immediately, just in case, since it's well-documented that a child's car seat may not be safe for use following a collision. Had I known about this scheme, I might have been tempted to replace my seats with Maxi-Cosi car seats.

If you've been in a car accident and wish to have your Maxi-Cosi car seat replaced, you can contact the Maxi-Cosi team here.

If you don't own a Maxi-Cosi and have been in a collision and have to buy a new car seat, or are just looking to buy, have a read at our guide to choosing the best car seats.

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  • Charlene H.

    What I wish I'd known this I've just brought one after having a accident

  • Millie F.


  • Hannah S.

    Thanks for this - I didn't have maxi cosi in my car, but still need to buy new seats so will look into it! X

  • Layla M.

    I really rate maxi cosi's too so def work a look xx

  • James V.

    Doesn't even say that you have to register first. Sounds good!

  • Anita W.

    God that's good will remember that

  • Natalie W.

    yeah it's handy to know x

  • Jamie S.

    this is a good idea

  • Liz S.

    this is good to know

  • Lynsy J.

    Usually its up to a certain amount. Mine was a maximum of £300. My daughters seat was £375 so I had to put £75 towards her replacement. I'm looking to claim this back as a loss though as the crash wasn't my fault at all so don't see why I should be out of pocket to replace her seat :neutral_face:

  • Emma C.

    worth saving this link x

  • Hayley B.

    It's a shame they won't replace them for free when the strap adjusting mechanism snaps from normal usage.

    • Lynsey S.

      We have had problems with our axiss and they wouldn't replace either but did agree to investigate and repair and if the fault was not our own, carry out the repair free of charge. We did have the work done for free but had to buy a replacement car seat for the month and a bit it took to be fixed and were offered no financial help to do so

  • Michelle S.

    For anyone without a maxi cosy... check your insurance policy, we had car seat cover (which I didn't know until I was looking through to find something else) all we had to do was provide proof of purchase and they refunded the amount we paid for the car seat. Don't think they do a full refund if it's over a certain amount, worth checking out though :-)

  • Michelle S.

    I didn't know that, I only came across it by chance. Our insurance company didn't even tell us about it so would never have known

  • Gillian D.

    Covered automatically by insurance.

  • Sarah C.

    They didn't offer me this service when I called them in April. I claimed on insurance in the end...

  • Amanda C.

    I didn't know this?!

  • Sophie G.

    My insurance replaced mine when I was in an accident

  • Louise K.

    Thanks for this x

  • Theresa M.

    Same with all BRITAX seats x

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