Mamia Bubblebum Inflatable Booster Seat £18.99 With Free Delivery @ Aldi

Mamia Bubblebum Inflatable Booster £18.99

If you are off on your holidays soon and are in need of a travel booster car seat for your kids, this Mamia Bubblebum Inflatable Booster Seat could be just the thing, and it's on offer at Aldi. Normally selling for around £25 - £30, Aldi have these for just £18.99 with free delivery.

Whilst we all know that high backed booster seats are much better for safety that backless ones, there are times when you can't carry one with you, like taxis, planes, coaches and so on, so this could come in very handy indeed. Using an inflatable booster like this is definitely better than none at all when you can't use your regular car seat.

As it's inflatable it can fold down flat and be carried in it's small storage pouch, so this is ideal for popping in your bag on your holidays.

If you're wondering how the new regulations affecting backless booster seats affect the sale of this one, here's the information from the Aldi website:

"Children should use a child car seat until they are 12 years old or 135 cm tall, whichever comes first. Car booster seat regulations changed on 9th February 2017, and new booster seats will be labelled for use by children who are taller than 125cm or weigh more than 22kg. The Mamia by Bubblebum backless booster seat was approved for use by children weighing between 15kg and 36kg before the recent regulatory changes and is therefore safe and legal to use by children who are taller than 125cm or weigh more than 22kg."

The Mamia Bubblebum Booster Seats are available in stores from 11th May, and you can pre-order online now with free delivery with dispatch on or after 11th May.

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  • Becci J.

    Yeh it's saying for taxis/planes etc when it's just not feasible for you to carry round a full size high back booster. Yes they are safer but sometimes circumstances mean you can't use one and this is surely better than using nothing.

  • Kerri M.

    I picked these up in Aldi then seen the price! handy but pricey!

  • Kerri M.

    this is booster seat I was speaking about

  • Nicola M.

    Ta but already bought 2 lightweight booster bases x

  • Laura T.

    I've just bought them :persevere::persevere::persevere:

  • Emily M.

    Maybe I should get one of these so I can see at the theatre :)

  • Charli H.

    , we were advised by kiddiecare to get one of these far Caitlin to use in the back/middle as we can't get 3 proper carseats in the back. She only uses her proper carseat if she is in the front now.

  • Charli H.

    We were advised by Kiddiecare to get a Bubblebum over the Mifold

  • Charli H.

    We only use it because we have no other choice when we are all in the car...i think it's safer than nothing. But when it's just me and the girls she sits in the front I a proper high backed

  • Gaynor K.

    The bubblebum has been around for years.

  • Sarah S.

    These look awful! Mamia is a terrible brand of car seat with only the very basic testing carried out

    • ryanore

      BubbleBum is the brand of the car seat, Mamia do not make car seats, and it has been tested and proven to be the functional equivalent of the leading backless booster seats. This goes well beyond minimum crash testing

  • Molly M.

    we have bubblebums we got from Halfords and use them when we hire a car abroad - not had a problem with them - girls are 6 & 8

  • Elizabeth A.

    Solves our problem perfectly! :wink: x

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