Kids Embrace Paw Patrol Marshall 1-2-3 Car Seat £79.99 Delivered @ Kiddicare

Kids Embrace Paw Patrol Marshall 1-2-3 Car Seat £79.99 Delivered @ Kiddicare

Does your little one like Paw Patrol? If so, take a look at this Kids Embrace Paw Patrol Car Seat. It's only £79.99 at Kiddicare, whereas it's around £100 elsewhere.

The Kids Embrace Paw Patrol car seat is really cute and will hopefully entice your child into sitting in it minus the tantrums.

As it's a stage 1-2-3 Car Seat, it's described as suitable for children that weigh 9-36kg (9 months through to 12 years old)

It has an integral 5 point harness to ensure your child is secured in. There's a single hand adjustable harness with quick release buckle, and chest and buckle pads for comfort.

Once your child reaches around 4 years old or the correct height and weight with accordance to the law, the harness can be removed and your child can sit safely in the seat using the car's seat belt.

It has Side Impact Protection to keep a child safe in the event of a side collision. It's also made from high-impact thermoplastic for extra strength and protection to a ECE T.44.04 approved certification.

Before purchasing a Car Seat for your child, we recommend that you ensure it's suitable for your child, with accordance to current Car Seat legislation for safety. Also, make sure it's fitted correctly as no seat is safe if it's been installed wrong.


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  • Natasha L.

    this is cool :thumbsup_tone1:

    • Kerrie G.

      wish I had seen this before, how cool x

      • Natalie D.

        It's fab

        • Natalie D.

          It's fab

          • Albie H.

            Mega cute

            • Lorraine C.

              I know two little boys that would go mad for this xx

              • Jessica H.

                That is awesome xx

                • Carla T.

                  I have a batman and ninja turtle one, no good on long journeys as hardly any padding in seat both my boys complain , and they had crap crash ratings just recently!!looks isn't everything?!!!

                  • Sally H.

                    Too cute.. However he's not that into it now :see_no_evil: it's all lion guard and super Heros lol xx

                    • Natalie K.

                      And it's on the which don't buy list Shame they can't be both safe and cute!

                      • Sammy-Jo B.

                        too bad there's not a skye one lol xx

                        • Joanne M.

                          I know lol x

                        • Lucy F.

                          Forward facing only from 9kgs which a lot of children reach around 6-9 months old. No recline. If a very small child were in this seat in a crash there's a 40% chance of life threatening injury Plus they got a really crap crash test rating when which got hold of them.

                          Go for an actual branded seat that is renowned for making excellent car seats eg britax, maxi Cosi, Joie, nuna, be safe. Oh, and keep your under 4's rear facing for as long as possible to provide optimum protection in a worst case scenario

                          • Lissy L.

                            On second thoughts it may not be a good idea to buy this lol

                            • Rikki P.

                              100% agree with rear facing. For as long as possible

                              • Ellyn M.

                                Agree too.keep rear facing for as long as possible

                                • Lucy F.

                                  Glad to see so many people are in agreement. My tall 2 year old is still rf and will do until she reaches the limit of her seat. 18kg or a pretty tall too harness height. I'll never buy a seat like his for her. They barely scrape through the minimum safety requirements meaning they are only tested to 30mph frontal and 18mph rear collision. And no rollover test at all

                                  • Ellyn M.

                                    My sons 4 now and loves rear facing. He knows no different. I can't begin to imagine a "9month" old in that seat. Shocking

                                    • Megan C.

                                      My sons 2 & a half & I can't get him to be rear facing, apart from the tantrums his legs don't fit, am I doing it wrong?? I obviously want to do the safest thing possible xx

                                      • Lucy F.

                                        With a bigger seat he will fit. The britax two way elite is rear facing upto 25kgs or approximately age 7. Trust me it's possible

                                        • Lucy F.

                                          Megan Coyle

                                          • Lucy F.


                                            • Lucy F.


                                              This image shows the difference in calcification of the vertebrae in a toddler vs a six year old. This fusing of vertebrae isn't anywhere near complete until at least 4 years old regardless of the height or weight of your toddler. This is why it is so much more dangerous to ff a young child than rf them

                                            • Kayleigh H.

                                              Love this I'm going to have to get one xx

                                              • Samantha B.

                                                Wow!! Love it! Xx

                                                • Cathy M.

                                                  emilie would love this

                                                  • Leanne S.

                                                    This is so cute

                                                    • Sarah S.

                                                      Why on earth would you buy such a cheap looking car seat? Safety first here I'm afraid

                                                      • Kayla D.

                                                        imagine Jakeys little face if he had this xx

                                                        • Nichola S.

                                                          who would love this :thumbsup:

                                                          • Susan M.

                                                            Too many bad reviews!