20% Off Car Seats And Boosters @ Tesco

24 August 2010


Oooh the car seat trail can be a tricky one to navigate! But at least with Tesco offering 20% off car seats and boosters, the price shouldn't be quite as painful.

Which make? Which Model? Which stage? Which will fit your car? Which colour!?

And just when you think you've got it all figured out someone says something, you read a review (good or bad) or you see a car seat in use, you change your mind and leap on the car seat merry-go-round all to go through it all over again.

If you're just beginning this journey and are in the stage 0 phase then take heart, I promise it gets much easier and cheaper as your little one gets older.

I've always used Britax stage 0 car seats, and my youngest moved up to a stage 0 - 3 Britax monster of a seat! It cost me a fortune but it was HUGE and I felt he was very well protected and secure whilst in it.

Now we're on to the much lighter, easier seats that split in half and can be just used as a booster when he's even bigger.

There are lots of seats and boosters to choose from over at Tesco - just make sure you take your time, do your research to make sure that the seat you're thinking of fits your car (this is a good place to start) and try not to fret about it too much because they'll have grown out of it and be on to the next one before you know it!

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  • Theo C.
    That link to the Car Seat Database is useful, but it seems to focus on American models, so some UK/European ones may be missing - or at least not listed by a name we might recognise. For example, under Ford, I can't find the C-Max, S-Max or Galaxy and the only Vauxhall listed is the Zafira.

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