Boxing Day UK Deals 2017

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Updated: 28 August 2017

When is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is celebrated on the day after Christmas every year on December 26th. As a national holiday in the UK and Ireland, if it falls on a weekend, the Monday will be an official public holiday. For 2017, Boxing Day lands on Tuesday, December 26th. You can find cracking deals online, country-wide in the UK. In recent years, retailers have even extended the holiday to include week-long savings, re-dubbing it "Boxing Week," and ending right around New Year's Eve.

What is Boxing Day?

The origin of Boxing Day is largely unknown. In the 19th century, it was charitable holiday where tradesmen, servants, and those in need would be given a "Christmas Box" of assorted gifts, money, and sometimes food on the day after Christmas. Going back further to the middle ages, some have related the tradition to Alms' Boxes, where donations would be collected and distributed to the poor in relation to the religious holiday Saint Stephen's Day. As the feast day of Saint Stephen, the day is also associated with traditions like horse racing and fox hunting because Saint Stephen is the patron saint of horses.

In its current form, Boxing Day is a shopping holiday celebrated by most Commonwealth countries, like Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Like the American holiday Black Friday, on Boxing Day, many retailers will not only extend their hours, opening their doors as early as 5 am, they also drop their prices and offer impressive door crashers. Though it can be a hectic shopping experience with shoppers lining up in the early hours of the morning and braving the crowds, we are firm supporters of staying in browsing the insane deals available online. We will be posting them all right here, so stay tuned!