Winter Wonderland Book Collection - 10 Books £9.99 @ The Book People

Winter Wonderland Book Collection - 10 Books £9.99 @ The Book People

With a mere 63 days to go until Christmas Day, here's a rather lovely festive book collection for you from The Book People.

The Winter Wonderland Book Collection features 10 books, including the fabulous Gruffalo's Child, for just £9.99 - the recommended list price for this collection is £60.90.

I love book collections; I just love books in general, but book collections make for cost-effective presents; they provide endless amounts of joy for very little money - I used to read books from my young childhood days when I was 'too old' for them, they just made me feel warm and cosy!

I can't comment on the other nine books in the Winter Wonderland Book Collection, but I can tell you that The Gruffalo's Child is just as fabulous as The Gruffalo.  I must confess I resisted reading it for a long time, it smacked a bit of  'cashing in' to me but it's nothing of the sort; it's since become as much of a favourite as its predecessor.

There's normally a single item delivery charge, of £1.95, to pay but I've got a free delivery code for you - enter 241PLUS into the promotion box and you won't have to pay anything other than £9.99 for your Winter Wonderland Book Collection.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD 


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