Whose...Bottom? Book £3.99 @ ChoicesUK

Whose...Bottom? Book £3.99 @ ChoicesUK

ChoicesUK are selling this 'Whose...Bottom?' book for just £3.99, rather than the £5.99 its selling for almost everywhere else.

From the title alone - Whose...Bottom? - you know this little book for pre-school children is going to be a huge hit!  Most of the time the mere mention of the word 'bottom' is enough to have them in fits of naughty giggles - even more when they're the ones who uttered it.

I'm sure the title more than gives the game away here, but your little one is going to need to guess which animals the different bottoms belong to.  There's rhyming text for you to read and you can talk about what else you can see in the pictures to give them clues.  When they've made their guess, simply lift the giant flaps to reveal the animal each time.the pages of Whose...Bottom?

YOU might get bored reading this over and over and over again, day after day, week after week but your child will love every single repetitive minute of it.

Delivery of your Whose...Bottom? book will be free with ChoicesUK, so £3.99 is your total price for this deal.

Bottoms UP!


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