Wee Free Men Kindle Edition £2.66 @ Amazon

Amazon has reduced the price of the Wee Free Men book by Terry Pratchett from £6.26 to £2.66. This is a tidy saving of £4.33 on a fabulous book that will have you and the kids in fits of giggles.

When you have an author as good as Terry Pratchett writing for children you get a novel of great invention, assured comic timing and a highly readable fantasy. This book, Wee Free Men, introduces you to the Nac Nac Feegles and many other hilarious characters.

Miss Perspicacia Tick, a witch of some renown, is worried about a ripple in the walls of the universe – it’s probably another world making contact, which is not good. This errant activity is centred on some chalk country where good witches do not grow well.

Tiffany wants to be a witch and any hesitation she may have had expires when the Queen of the Fairies kidnaps her younger brother. It all goes quite mad and fun from there!

Thanks to beefkr10z at HUKD!

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