The Book People Flash Sale

The Book People Flash Sale

Oooh I do love a good shopping spree at The Book People! I am a total bookworm as is my daughter so when they have a flash sale on my card literally leaps out of my purse at me!

The Flash Sale is on right now, and there are huge savings of as much as 88% off the RRP so it's definitely worth checking out! You need to hurry though, as it ends tomorrow at midnight!

Here's some of our top sale picks:

There are some huge savings to be found in The Book People Flash Sale and we would hate for you to miss out on them! So to be in the know of when the next Flash Sale is on, bookmark this link and we will update regularly with all the information.

Home delivery is free on orders over £25, or costs just £2.95 for smaller orders.

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  • Kelly M.

    xx Just if u we're looking to get kids something

    • Laura M.

      Haha we have all of these except the elephant ones :joy:

  • Faye W.

    ... anything for the little lady here ?? Xx

    • Sarah O.

      I have been looking earlier actually :see_no_evil: xx

  • Michelle W.

    are you on playpennies? if not join it x

    • Rach W.

      Oh thanks I'm just sat with a book people mag ha xx

  • Jenna L.

    the Roald Dahl collection for KB!

  • Natalie L.

    Ladybird looks good- but Julia Donaldson pack also looks good (she did the gruffalo). Roald Dahl might be a bit old for now I reckon x

  • Hannah L.

    We have the david Williams books! They are fab x

  • Sam R.

    I've got no money until I put it in my account tomorrow bloody typical lol x

  • Kelle F.

    Thanks Hun! We have all of these except pepa and I hate her :joy:

  • Dave H.

    Loads more on there if you follow the link, not just the ones in the picture :wink:

  • Sarah-Louise D.

    Oh have u ever ordered off this

  • Ellie M.

    I was thinking the pip and posy set actually. And there's a set of 4 board books for Florence too x

  • Zoe H.

    Brought some! What a saving! Xx

  • Kelly A.

    Tempted with the Roald Dahl books x

  • Eve B.

    Need to have a look at this . For chrismas x

  • Della L.

    £5 for 4 is a good price x

  • Francesca W.

    I think those roald Dahl books might be for his age

  • Sally M.


  • Leanne P.

    all ordered, thats lexie finished for xmas xxx

  • Louise P.

    the meg and mog books for Sadie x

  • Bernie P.

    might be worth looking, see if there are any books for Megs xxx

    • Veron O.

      Oh my gosh I want the Meg an Mog ones :sparkling_heart: she would love them xxx

    • Bernie P.

      Ye they are good books xxx

    • Veron O.

      Good price 2, will order them later xxx

  • Louisa B.

    I know the boys have loads of books but seems like some good deals, worth a look

  • Joanne G.

    This is what I was on about with roald Dahl books xxx

  • Toni N.

    I’ve bought 6 presents already :thumbsup_tone2: go me x

  • Robyn C.

    Aw hahaha I have loads too! X

  • Donna M.

    - Roald Dahl books cheap xx

  • Amanda C.

    It’s great that’s where I get all their book sets x

  • Danielle T.

    , the Roald Dahl set we were talking about is on here, cheapest I've seen xx

  • Kimberley F.

    Finishes tomorrow at midnight, i have just ordered :slight_smile:

  • Kerry R.

    this is the one we were talking about x

  • Sarah C.

    worth looking on here 4 books 2 x

  • Mandy W.

    Ooh... I shall have a little look x

  • Megan J.

    the dinosaur that pooped :joy:

  • Ceri P.

    Took advantage of the flash sale earlier :wink: xx

  • Amber B.

    Oak would love the dinosaurs one

  • Emma D.

    Thanks for the tip stocked up on Christmas pressie books :ok_hand:

  • Ally Y.

    He’s given me a list of titles of the books he wants lol

  • Charlotte M.

    I think the Roald Dahl one is a good idea? Check if any David Walliams ones? xxx

  • Amy C.

    the Roald Dahl books :blush:

  • Angela I.

    may be some nice things for Xmas here for Maddison. Great phonics books. Book cds and collections to read to her. Sure Logan would love to listen too.

  • Kirsty B.

    the Roald Dahl ones would be good for summer.. £20!!

  • Mel S.

    :bug::books:I’m ordering Bailey the Julia Donaldson ones :money_mouth:

  • Loraine M.

    Thanks yet again I’ve spent money:joy: great books and bargains thou x

  • Victoria S.

    all 20 dr Seuss books £20 and little miss £22. Cheap

  • Victoria H.

    - just in case you were still on the look out for those books! X

  • Emma L.

    - C needs the Mr Men set to go with her Little Miss one :grin:

  • Nikki F.

    there's a Julia Donaldson bundle x

  • Alexa J.

    Fab I will have a look for the boys after my holidays x

  • Emma G.

    Oh I'll need to get him that x

  • Emma D.

    They look alright don’t they, thanks hun x

  • Fiona H.

    - pip and posy are great! X

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