Titchy Witch Book Collection £8.99 @ The Book People

Titchy Witch Book Collection £8.99 @ The Book People

The Book People are selling this Titchy Witch book collection for £8.99, rather than its full list price of £39.92.

If I had a little girl I'd buy her this Titchy Witch book collection.  Looking back over my reading childhood, witches featured from very early on - Meg and Mog when I was at infants school, Bewitched on TV then Jill Murphy's Worst Witch stories when I was a little older.

The same was true for my 16-year-old daughter, only she had Sabrina the Teenage Witch and TV adaptations of the Worst Witch  to watch as well.

Eight books make up this Titchy Witch book collection and are aimed at little girls aged around six years old, who are just getting to grips with reading for themselves.

The language is clear and straight to the point, the pictures are bright and colourful and, apparently, the layout is in a format that will make it easy for your budding reader to follow.

Single item delivery will cost you an additional £1.95; free delivery only kicks in when you spend over £25.

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