Thomas The Tank Engine Original Books Box Set £49.99 @

16 January 2012

This Thomas the Tank Engine original books box set is up for grabs for £49.99 at - it's rrp is £150 and the average online price with the other usual suspects is around the £100 mark.

WOW Thomas is looking young and sparky for an old 'guy' - first published in 1946 the books in this Thomas the Tank Engine are copies of those original versions.  A friend of mine had some of these original stories when we were little and they were quite small size wise, the books in this Thomas the Tank Engine original box set are larger so will be much easier to read; hurrah!

The 'official' name for these books is the Thomas the Tank Engine Centenary Library set - I'm not sure where the centenary bit comes into play because Thomas isn't 100 years old (yet) and there aren't 100 books in the collection...most confusing!

What's not confusing is why children (boys and girls) love the little blue engine so much - he's cheeky, he's funny, the other characters are all so identifiable and everyone has their favourites and their 'baddies'.

Delivery is free when you order from so £49.99 is all you're going to spend when you buy your Thomas the Tank Engine original books box set.

Thanks to Jas10 at HUKD

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