Thomas the Tank Engine Collection (50 Books) £27 @ The Book People

Thomas the Tank Engine Collection (50 Books) £27 @ The Book People

thomas1"Come along, come along!" said Thomas, "All 50 of my books are waiting for  you courtesy of The Book People!"

Reading Thomas the Tank engine books as a parent and having the stories read to you as a child, is a parent/child rite of passage!

The Thomas stories have all the main elements required for a great read:  fun, humour, sometimes a bit of mild peril for the thrill-seekers - especially in the Alfie, James and Jack the frontloader stories! - and of course the ubiquitous moral message and always ending happily ever after with everything being right with the world.

thomas2The pictures are bright and colourful and packed full of action - perfect for discussing with your child when they are very small and just like looking at the pictures.  There are enough simple words in the text for older children just starting to read to be able to recognise and plenty of longer words and more complex sentence structures for when their reading skills are more advanced.

This set of 50 books not only has all the old favourites like Thomas, Gordon, James and Percy, but all the new members of the Thomas family such as Rockie, Cranky, Dennis and Jack too.

Use this code: IS001 to get 10% the quoted £30 price and save yourself £98!

Thanks to Rhys135 over at HUKD!


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