The Christmasaurus: The Musical Edition (With CD) £7 @ Tesco Direct

The Christmasaurus: The Musical Edition (With CD) £7 @ Tesco Direct

This The Christmasaurus: The Musical Edition (With CD) would make a brilliant Christmas Present for a child or a nice addition to a Christmas Eve Box. Forget paying £14.99 for it, Tesco Direct are selling it for just £7.

The Christmasaurus: The Musical Edition is a book that comes with a CD. On the CD is a soundtrack to the book. These are the songs on it: 1. It Must Be Christmas Time 2. Dig, Diggedy Dig (The Digging Song) 3. The Christmasaurus 4. Thin Ice 5. Someone More Than Me 6. The Nice List 7. I’ve Been a Good Girl 8. I Believe It Could 9. I Ho, Ho, Hope It’s Santa 10. I Love Creatures 11. Christmas Makes Me Sick 12. Afraid of Heights 13. Don’t Know What It Is 14. If You Believe.

In the Book, you'll find prompts when to play the CD. It's a really nice idea and I think that the kids will love it.

You can Click and Collect The Christmasaurus: The Musical Edition (With CD) for FREE from a Tesco store or pay £3 to have it delivered to your home.

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  • Lilly L.

    It's on the 2 books for £7, I bought it for my daughter :-) in tesco

    • Taryn T.

      That would be really good

      • Charlotte B.

        We have this already... He is a bit young for it though not many pictures xxx

        • Dawn M.

          The book on its own is only £4 as well x

          • Nikita G.

            Will have to look for the book, Luke would love it :heart_eyes:

            • Nicola M.

              I have bought him this book

              • Connie M.

                I follow Tom Fletcher on instagram. Would love to go see the stage show they’re doing

                • Tamara L.

                  I never go to tesco. Will have to make a trip now

                  • Kelly L.

                    Ive got it! Album is ace!!! Xxx

                    • Ella B.

                      Ahh musical edition! I got the book today off amazon xx

                      • Chrissie W.

                        I did wonder if you had all ready brought one. Xx

                        • Rebecca T.

                          Awh Leo loves this book! Umm have to get it him as a stocking filler :heart_eyes: xxx

                          • Su C.

                            My class would love this! Thank you! X

                            • Sammi L.

                              Thanks. I might get it for bobby for xmas eve :heart_eyes: x

                              • Teri F.

                                I saw this in Tesco the other day so cute but it's a pretty big book haha! xx

                                • Chevonne M.

                                  That is a fantastic book a got it for Tilly last year n read it to her every night on run up to Christmas n over Christmas she loved it xxxxx