The Tale of Ginger And Pickles Centenary Edition £1 @ Red House Books

Red House describes itself as the home of children's books. It certainly has a wide selection, and excellent prices. Every so often a really good bargain is thrown up and this is one of them. A beautiful edition, The Tale Of Ginger And Pickles Centenary Edition by Beatrix Potter is just £1. The RRP is £6.99.

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Beatric Potter's tales are simply timeless, and utterly delightful. This miniature hardback has been specially produced to celebrate the centenary of these classics. It has been printed with a special gold-foil jacket, making this book an absolute delight. It will make a special gift for a newborn baby, a preschooler's birthday or anyone who can't resist their charm.

The book was first published in 1909, so I'm guessing this edition was first published in 2009. If it is the same as the book, which is also sold on Waterstone's and Amazon's websites, then it has a gold foil cover. It certainly looks identical.

The Red House website actually has a typo on it. The title of the book is 'Ginger And Pickles' but Red House has listed it as The Tale of Ginger Pickles. According to Wikipedia "the  book tells of two shopkeepers who extend unlimited credit to their customers and, as a result, are forced to go out of business."

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