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The Book People are selling this Super-Cute Felting book for £3.99, its list price is £12.99.

You know, sometimes, even with young girls, it can be SO hard to find little Christmas things to buy them - my daughter was, and still is, a tricky little madam to buy for.  She never really wanted very much and now she doesn't want anything at all - just money stashed away for when she might want something, although I don't know what as she doesn't WANT ANYTHING!  ARRGGGHHH!

Anyway, when she was smaller (she's 17 now) it was marginally easier to pad Christmas out a little bit with books like this Super-Cute Felting book - it contains all sorts of little projects and things to make from felt.

The official blurb says you can make, and I quote: "Pretty broaches, necklaces and scarves to gifts and homeware including fruity pincushions, coasters and tea cosies."  Awesome - not only will it give them all sorts of things to make over the Christmas hols, but future pressies for grandparents will also be taken care of - show me a grandparent who doesn't love a gift handmade by their beloved granddaughter (or grandson, if they discover a penchant for felting...although I rather doubt it you can never ever tell!).

Single item delivery is usually £2.80 - I much preferred it when it was only £1.95 and I much prefer not having to pay for delivery at all! So just enter this code into the discount/promotions code box at checkout, and you won't have to: PANDP265.

Happy making things from felt!

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