Star Wars Readers Collection £7.99 @ The Book People

Star Wars Readers Collection £7.99 @ The Book People

The Book People are selling this Star Wars Readers Collection of 10 paperback books for £7.99 - their full recommended list price is £49.90.

I've always loved reading and all three of my children love reading, always have, even the two boys; it always makes me sad to hear that so many boys are behind in their reading skills and that some will do anything to avoid it altogether.

Part of the secret, I'm sure, is finding the right books to ignite some reading passion in the very early days, then building on that as they get a little older - if you've got a young Star Wars fan in your family, who is a little reluctant to pick up a book and read it in preference to watching something on TV, then this Star Wars Readers Collection might just change that.

Ten paperback books, aimed at youngsters who are just starting to read on their own, feature all our favourite characters - Han Solo, Chewie, Luke et al - in their usual fight against the Empire adventures.

Single item delivery is an additional £1.95.

May the reading Force be with you!


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