Star Wars 2015 Annual £1 (Was £7.99) @ Amazon

Star Wars 2015 Annual £1 (Was £7.99) @ Amazon

Star Wars 2015 Annual

A Christmas stocking isn't a Christmas stocking until you've added an annual, in my opinion. And Star Wars fans should be pretty delighted to find this in their stocking on Christmas Day. Normally £7.99, the Star Wars Christmas Annual is just £1 at Amazon right now.

I'm not going to claim to have any clue how this works, but apparently it features augmented reality. Let's just move on to what one customer has to say about it:

"This is an entertaining volume, in the British tradition of Christmas Annuals, aimed at younger Star Wars fans and older collectors. Its 64 pages of content include 8-page sections on each of the six films, each comprising a page of plot summary and a facing page of quizzes and puzzles, with the remainder of the book taken up with more two-page information sections each with a page of illustrated text and a facing page of puzzles, quizzes and the like."

Delivery will free if you're a Prime customer, otherwise you'll need to add enough other items to your basket to make your total spend up to £10 in order to qualify for free delivery.

I am resisting to end this post with 'May the Force be with you'. Oops.


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