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5 December 2012

If you're still looking for, or want another, Christmas book that will young children will LOVE, you really should take a look at The Smelly Sprout - I can personally recommend it and you can pick up a copy from Amazon for £4.49 instead of £5.99.

Most of you will know this already, but just in case you're new around here (and WELCOME!), my youngest son, Edward, is six and a half.  His bedtime story requests last night were: The Smelly Sprout, The Tale of Jeremy Fisher (one of his all time favourite bedtime stories EVER), followed by Father Christmas Needs A Wee (I've told you about that story before too).

His copy of The Smelly Sprout is called 'Out, Smelly Sprout', but they are exactly the same story and tell the tale of a lonely Christmas sprout.

The sprout is the only vegetable left, lonely by himself, in the vegetable basket after Christmas dinner; he leaps out of the basket to make himself known, "Ahem! Excuse me!  I think you may have forgotten about me..." he says (you can tell I've read The Smelly Sprout a fair few times, cant you!).

The reaction is NOT favourable; the family are horrified by this smelly sprout and he's cast out into the snow: "URGH! OUT, smelly sprout!"

The smelly sprout then sets about trying to find a home, but everywhere he goes the reaction is the same, and at the end of each and every encounter is a page that reads, "OUT, smelly sprout!"  Edward always has to read that bit and it gets louder, followed by more and more giggles (even though he's been read this story a million times), as we progress through the book.

I won't ruin the story by telling you what happens in the end, I'll just say that this is one of Edward's favourite Christmas stories and one of my favourites to read to him; it's just awesome!

Happy shouting: "OUT, smelly sprout!"

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